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Allowing customers to manually pay invoices with Stripe

How can you use Stripe to create invoices but allow customers to manually pay them after the invoice is created?

August 18, 2012
Ten tips for writing better Cucumber steps

I’ve written hundreds of Cucumber steps. Here’s some tips I learned along the way.

January 1, 2012
Moving your application to Heroku

Some tips on moving your application to Heroku. Also, a script to help remove bad encoding from you database.

September 20, 2011
Adding default configuration options to Paperclip

DRY up your paperclip’d models by making a paperclip_defaults initializer.

July 23, 2011
Maintaining a reading list on GitHub

Recently I took the time to post a reading list to GitHub. I’ve found some surprising benefits…

February 21, 2011

About Me

I'm a co-founder and developer for Scholastica, a startup that allows academics to create, manage, and publish peer-reviewed journals online. You find out more about our project by reading our blog or visiting our facebook page.

I primarily code for the web – mostly Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. I studied at the University of Chicago. I live in Logan Square and contribute regularly to open source.

Recent Work

I'm very happy to be working exclusively on Scholastica, a publishing platform for academic journals which aims to to improve the quality and accessibility of scholarship on the web.

Recruiters: While I am flattered by your interest, please don't bother contacting me. I'm absolutely not entertaining offers – no matter what the circumstances. Please don't waist your time.