How to equip rails for behavior driven development.

First, you’re going to need a few gems: cucumber, rspec-rails, rspec, and webrat. Although there are a number of ways you can get these running in your new rails project, the best plan is to set up gem dependencies directly in your application using the handy config.gem command.

Just add these lines to config/environments/test.rb:

		config.gem 'rspec-rails' , :lib => false
		config.gem 'rspec' , :lib => false
		config.gem 'cucumber'
		config.gem 'webrat'

Next, make sure these gems are installed by typing:

		RAILS_ENV=test sudo rake gems:install

Finally, you’ll need to bootstrap your rails application for development with Cucumber and RSpec. Simply type:

		script/generate rspec
		script/generate cucumber

That’s it. Now you’re set up for behavior driven development in your rails app.

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